Tier 1 Reading Instruction

Philosophy of Structured Literacy Instruction 

Structured Literacy Instruction is an approach that has been widely found to be most effective for struggling readers because it focuses on the structure of language, and introduces concepts in a explicit, multi-sensory, systematic and sequential format. The content of Structured Literacy Instruction should consist of the five Essential Components of Reading Instruction (ECORI) as identified by the National Reading Panel under the Reading First legislation (National Reading Panel, 2000).

Essential Components of Reading Instruction (ECORI) 

Under the Reading First legislation, the National Reading Panel identified the five Essential Components of Reading Instruction. At each grade-level emphases will be differentiated between these components.  


Phonological and Phonemic Awareness 
Reading Comprehension Strategies 
Phonics/Syllable Instruction 
Vocabulary Development 
Reading Fluency 

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